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We all enjoy the beauty of Florida's natural wildlife and resources. At Tampa Electric, we’recommitted to protecting and preserving our environment in every decision and action as we serve the community’s energy needs. From reducing emissions to leveraging the sun's power, learn more about our sustainable energy commitment.

Reducing Emissions & Waste

Clean air is essential, and it's a resource we work hard to preserve. Since 1999, we've committed to a sweeping environmental improvement plan. A key component of that plan is reducing emissions while keeping rates affordable for our customers. We've decreased emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide by more than 90 percent, and carbon dioxide by more than 53 percent.

We’re leveraging the power of technology to find new ways to operate and lessen our footprint. Our focus on growing renewable energy production is dramatically reducing carbon dioxide emissions. By the end of 2023, that reduction equated to removing more than 1 million cars from roadways. And, we have a vision for a net-zero carbon future by 2050.

We are an industry leader in the reuse of coal-combustion byproducts, including fly ash for cement and gypsum for wallboard.

Generating More Solar Energy

Tampa Electric is one of the state's top producers of solar energy. We began generating solar energy more than 20 years ago with our first 18,000-watt solar project at MOSI in Tampa. Now, our solar projects can power more than 200,000 homes with the sun. By the end of 2026, we will have enough solar power to serve 260,000 homes. At that time about 17 percent of our energy will come from the sun.

We won’t stop there. 

For example, we’re researching solar panels that float on otherwise unusable bodies of water, and exploring agrivoltaics, or the combining of solar panels with agriculture. And, we’re testing a self-sufficient neighborhood “microgrid” in southeastern Hillsborough County.

Besides being a sustainable energy source, solar also helps save our customers money. While the price of other fuel sources to generate power can cause bills to fluctuate, solar power is reliable and consistent, and the cost is predictable. Our solar power generation has saved customers approximately $200 million in fuel costs since 2017. 

Our solar investments benefit all Tampa Electric customers, by increasing reliability and reducing the amount of fuel used to generate electricity. We also make it easy for customers wishing to expand their use of solar – by connecting their own panels to our grid or purchasing additional solar energy through our Sun Select and Sun To Go programs.

Conserving Energy & Water

One important way we help conserve energy is by helping our customers conserve energy. We’re proud to offer 30-plus energy-efficiency programs – more than any other electric utility in the state. Our solar fields require minimal water usage, allowing us to conserve water previously allocated for large farming parcels across Florida. As of 2023, Tampa Electric has saved more than 4.3 billion gallons of water on water permits at our solar facilities, preserving that precious resource.

Watch the video above to learn about our Polk Power Plant's award-winning partnership with nearby municipalities to clean wastewater to cool the plant. Our efforts have greatly reduced the groundwater needed to cool the plant, while also contributing to much cleaner waterways.

Conserving Wildlife & Habitat

Living in Florida includes living alongside some incredible wildlife, and we take pride in ensuring their safety and conserving their habitats.

We were the first utility in Florida to set up an Avian Protection Plan to protect migratory birds – including ospreys, hawks and other large birds – from potential injury or death due to contact with power lines or other equipment.

Our Big Bend Power Station provides a warm water refuge for manatees in the winter months. The majestic creatures flock to the canal each winter and make for incredible sights for millions of people at our Manatee Viewing Center. The Manatee Viewing Center is the cornerstone of our Florida Conservation & Technology Center (FCTC). At FCTC, we’ve dedicated our 500-acre campus to environmental stewardship, research, habitat restoration, help for endangered species, education and fun!

Learn more about how we are powering a cleaner, greener future