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Sun Select shared solar is a simple and meaningful way to support renewable energy, even when a rooftop system isn't an option for you. As a residential or small business customer, you purchase locally generated solar power to match 25%, 50% or even 100% of the electricity you use. As a business or commercial customer, you purchase solar in increments of 1,000 kWh – as few or as many as needed.

Sun Select participants lock in a solar rate. While this rate is slightly higher, your fuel charge is waived for that portion of your electricity use.

Sun Select shared solar is ...


Because Tampa Electric builds, owns and maintains the panels, shared solar comes with no upfront costs, maintenance worries or long-term commitments on your end.


No matter how your roof is oriented, whether you rent or own, or if you're planning to move in a few years, shared solar is a fit for your home or business.


In a typical home, matching 50% of your electricity use with solar can offset about the same amount of carbon dioxide as not driving your car for an entire year!


Through Sun Select, you support solar energy generated locally, and a more sustainable future. 


How Shared Solar Works - The Big Picture

How Shared Solar Works



Tap into the sun

Together, we can make an impact, for your household or business, our community and the environment.

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